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*​​Scholarship Availability:  Please  read  very  carefully.  We award scholarships of “up to $500” to assist with tuition and/or the costs of books and fees. As funds are available, awards are made at the discretion of the O2S board based on the six application requirements below. Applications for fall 2017 are closedWe will begin taking applications for the winter 2018 school term in September. The application deadline is November 30, 2017.

Recipients are selected according to (a) financial need, (b) college readiness, and (c) timeliness of application. Start  your  application  early.  IMPORTANT: Our policy is “first come, first served.” We set aside funds for qualified students whose applications are complete in the order these are received. As the deadline approaches, funds may become depleted. There is no guarantee that every student will receive a scholarship.    

*Application Requirements:  Click Here to download and save a Microsoft Word application form.

(If there’s a problem, close other Word doc’s. If using Google Chrome, check for a little tag in the lower-left corner of your screen.)

  1. You must enroll in a Utah-based college or university in the Salt Lake City area. We will need your student I.D. number.
  2. You must participate in one of the “College Preparation” activities: option A, B, or C. See details to the right…
  3. You will be required to provide us with a “Letter of Recommendation.” See application form for details.
  4. We ask that you affirm your educational goals in writing via a “Statement of Commitment.”
  5. You will also need to provide your GPA for the school term most recently completed.
  6. We invite you to identify an informal education/career mentor to encourage and support you.

*Important Footnote: Please do not apply until you are certain you will be attending college. It is essential that you check the accuracy of all your information, including your email address. We will communicate with you by email.

Click here to access the scholarship page